Get-Oils-for-Less-Than-$10-Each (1)

Interested in becoming a member of Young Living? There are so many perks to joining!  To join my team, you can sign up here. So what comes with a membership? 24% off all purchases!


  • Do I have to sell if I sign up? NO, there is no commitment. You can purchase a kit and never purchase anything again.
  • Do I have to spend a minimum to keep my membership? To stay an active member of Young Living you need to spend $50 a year.
  • How will I learn to use it? When you join my team, you join an amazing community full of support, social media groups and I offer a one on one review of your starter kit. I am available for questions and support!!!
  • What if I want to start a business?? I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOU!!!! All you need to start your business with Young Living is your start kit! That’s it!!! No overhead, no storefront, no employees, just you and some oils! Plus, Young Living gives you $50 for every new member you sign on!! What to learn more? Email me at
  • Are they safe for pets??? Well would you know it, there’s an oil for that. Young Living offers and entire line for animals!
  • Are they safe for kids? There are different dilutions to use on children. However, Young Living offers two different lines for children. Young Living
    Seedlings™ for the little ones and they also have KidScents® for older children.