“A New Found Love”

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Oils. Chemical-free. All natural. It started with my wonderful Mother-in-law who really had an oil for everything. My husband and I joked about every ailment or problem we had, saying “ask mom, she’ll probably have an oil for that!” Until she really did. And then many of my friends did. The more people talked about the “oily life,” the more I became curious as to how true their statements were. At the time I considered them “claims” that these all natural and chemical free products work for so many different things. The first success (which will make many of you giggle) was using oregano oil to get rid of moles. My adorable husband is a chronic head shaver and his dark, Italian skin and many moles made this quite a challenging, regular task. After a few weeks, his moles had drastically shrunk (and my whole house smelled like a fresh pot of spaghetti sauce!). And then lavender for my sleep issues. Aroma Siez for my chronic back pain and muscle issues… I was beginning to believe these weren’t just “claims.”

And then I found out I was pregnant. And something happened, something changed. I became so aware of everything around me. My household cleaners, my makeup, the medication I take for a headache… You read so much in your first trimester about the risk of miscarriage and how most of the things that were a part of your daily routine now pose a terrible risk to you and your growing baby. Inundated with information and worried about not just myself and my own health any longer, I started to talk to my trusted support system about this oily life.

What really sold me was the Thieves cleaner. We’re a bit of neat freaks in my house and it was spring cleaning time. I bit the bullet and bought a Young Living starter kit from my friend and fellow hippie/ mama Amanda. She helped me understand why it was a good choice for my life and my family, without giving me a sales pitch or trying to make a buck off me. I was fortunate to receive it the day Amanda and a fellow oily mama Amy were having an online demonstration of the starter kit and what’s in it. It felt like Christmas Day without all the chaos! I went through each item in the kit and explored it with the experts, learning about how each product could benefit my life. By that weekend, I was hooked.

Saturday morning, I mixed up some bottles of the thieves cleaner, chose a potion for my new diffuser and got to spring cleaning. The thieves’ cleaner is the most surprising; to think that something natural and nontoxic, that causes me no concerns every time I inhale it, is so effective, is mind blowing! My bathroom counters, mirrors, toilets and floors sparkled and shined, yet were completely disinfected. My kitchen counters, cabinets and floors did the same. The inside of my oven practically sighed with relief that this pregnant lady could be half inside there, scrubbing every inch, while only inhaling a fresh smell instead of toxic chemicals- and every inch of that thing came completely clean!!!

I also suffer from terrible insomnia, anxiety and migraines, which I swear my pregnancy has only exacerbated. Being uncomfortable and constantly worrying about my future as a parent does wonders for a sleepless night. I felt like a chemist, cooking up all kinds of smells to try in my diffuser, all to help me relax and sleep. And surprisingly, it worked. We had also recently purchased new bedroom furniture, and my wonderfully heightened sense of smell helped me practically taste all the glue and paint used on the furniture prior to delivery. A night with my window cracked and my diffuser on and I couldn’t even smell it anymore. My sleep had improved, I had a new coping skill for my insomnia and had an effective way to treat my headaches without having to pop pills that weren’t good for the bun in my oven!

Needless to say, I’m hooked. I love channeling my inner hippie and being able to use natural products that are good for me and my growing family. I look forward to the natural products I can use on my newborn, without any of the usual concerns like what animals was this tested on, how good is this for my child, what the heck is this ingredient on the bottle that I can’t pronounce?!? Do your research, ask the questions, and come to the oily side!





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