My Why

I know there are tons of ways for you to get essential oils. I get asked all the time, “what is so great about Young Living?” I could go on and on with reasons why I love Young Living but I think the most important thing I share is how my Young Living journey started. At the end of 2015, I had some crazy things happen and as a result, I began having difficulty sleeping. I have always been able to sleep, so the new insomnia I was experiencing made me miserable. I saw someone posting about their diffuser and how they used it at night for sleeping. I sent them a message on social media and the kit was explained to me. I thought it was a little expensive but it was explained that they were truly chemical free; it helped me feel good about the purchase. I thought if $160 can give me sleep, I will take the chance. So I ordered the Premium Starter Kit. While I was waiting for my kit, I started reading about essential oils. I had no idea that you can literally use oils for everything.



(This is the instagram photo I took when I got my kit in 2015)

Finally, my kit arrived! The first night I had it, I set up the diffuser on my night stand. Put a few drops of Lavender in it and prayed for a miracle. That night, I slept. In the morning, I thought it was a coincidence. Night after night, I SLEPT. I could not believe it. So I started using oils everyday. Then, very unexpectedly, in March of 2016, I found out I was pregnant. I knew I wanted to breastfeed so I started doing a lot of research and vowed to live a “cleaner” lifestyle. The more I read, the more appalled I became. I read an article that reported, “the average women puts 515 synthetic chemicals on her body everyday.”  I learned about fragrance and the chemicals that made them smell good. The candles I loved were poison. I started reading labels. Things that I used, that had no idea could be harmful were. Things that are marketed as “green” or “natural” are far from being either of those things. Laundry soap, dish soap, toothpaste, deodorant, makeup even baby products; all sold as safe, were far from safe! It honestly scared me.

I started replacing these things with Young Living Products. I was able to replace every single cleaning product in my home with Theives Cleaner. Instead of candles, I diffuse. Young Living has become my lifestyle. I try my best to eat healthy, raise a healthy child and workout. I can’t tell you why I never thought about living clean before I got my starter kit. People say to me, “I didn’t know you were such a hippie” or “you’re so crunchy.” If living an all around healthy lifestyle makes me those things, I will take it. I have heard and over to make change in the world, you have to start with yourself. If I can make my world a better place by using some little bottles of oils and some awesome products, I will do that.

So there you have it. My reason why. The reason I fell in love with Young Living. The reason I continue to use oils every day. I am 100% confident that my home is as chemical free as I can make it and I can totally feel good about that.

Want to start your journey? Join me today.

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